Slowly but gradually, Mauritius is part of the business development strategies of companies in all sectors. If you are also planning to expand your business activities abroad and have thought about Mauritius, then you should think about it, because Mauritius is no longer just a tourist destination. In fact, the Mauritian branch has become a business-friendly destination over the years. Tetra Consultants helps its international clients to register a company in Mauritius. Mauritius is a popular offshore jurisdiction for many investors due to several tax advantages. Our services include the registration of Mauritian companies, the establishment of securities brokerage companies, the establishment of Mauritian funds, the opening of corporate bank accounts and the creation of trusts or foundations. Before starting a business in Mauritius, you should first understand the different forms of business units available in Mauritius. Some of the offshore entities are Global Business Corporation and Mauritius Authorized Company. What is the cost of setting up a business in Mauritius? The formation of companies can be done either online or by submitting the necessary documents to the registrar. This process usually takes half a day. The Department of Business Registration and Enterprise Registration (CBRD) of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development has prepared a document outlining guidelines for setting up and registering a business. The most important steps are summarized below: Step 1: Register online with the MNS to obtain a username and password by filling out this form. Step 2: The company`s online training can be done in the Integrated System for the Registration of Companies and Enterprises (CBRIS) by completing the appropriate application form and uploading the required documents.

The required Form 1: “Application for incorporation of a company” must be completed and, where applicable, submitted to the Commercial Register with the following forms: For more information on setting up an offshore company in Mauritius, please contact the incorporation experts at! Mauritius is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean located about 800 km off the east coast of Madagascar. The population is about 1,200,000, which consists mainly of people of European, African, Indian and Chinese descent. Mauritius is not only an ideal destination for a honeymoon, but also offers a great opportunity to start a low-cost and legally tax-efficient business for international business. Three main types of companies available in Mauritius are: GBC1 company, GBC2 company and local domestic company. Mauritius is located at the confluence of Africa and Asia and has established itself as a regional economic centre for Africa. Many large companies are already using Mauritius to optimize their activities. Discover the top 10 reasons why you should start your business in Mauritius. While the cost of starting your business in Mauritius is affordable and competitive, the actual cost also depends on the type of business structure you want to integrate. The various costs include start-up costs, operating costs, administrator positions and government levies. Effective January 1, 2019, the Government of Mauritius replaced the Category 2 Global Business License (GBC2) company with the Standard Global Business License (GBL) company. In addition, Category 1 Global Business License (GBC1) companies have been renamed Global Business License (GBL). Starting a business in Mauritius is easy.

Foreign entrepreneurs can set up their businesses in Mauritius within 3 working days and be up to 100% foreign-owned. In addition, no minimum foreign capital is required to set up a business and start operations in Mauritius. On average, it takes between 3 and 5 business days to set up your business in Mauritius, but it depends on the type of business structure, as some businesses take more days to start. Mauritius has a free market economy and no control over trade. This means that there are absolutely no limits when it comes to transferring dividends, capital and profits from Mauritius to another country. In other words, you can easily transfer your profits generated in Mauritius to the location of your company`s headquarters. The process of registering a business in Mauritius is hassle-free if you know how to do it. Tetra consultants can help you register businesses in Mauritius so you can devote your time and energy to your business. You can count on our team of experts to offer you a seamless experience in the creation of your new company with the commercial register. We ensure that your business is up and running on time. Our service package includes: For more information or services on setting up a business, please contact ABC GLOBAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES LTD, Mauritius, they can assist you step by step in setting up a business in Mauritius.

As an international financial center of reputation and substance, the country offers effective structuring solutions that help you maximize the value of your business. The choice of a company`s business structure depends on the types of activities that the investor/entrepreneur wishes to carry out. There is no minimum capital required to set up a business in Mauritius. The types of business structures that can be established in Mauritius are: Johan is a South African Chartered Accountant with 18 years of experience in financial services, gained in South Africa, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands and Mauritius. Previously, he was Chief Financial Officer for a UK private equity firm and Senior Executive for an international fund management firm in Cape Town. Johan joined BTG Group in 2016 as Director of Finance and Operations in Mauritius before returning to South Africa in 2019 to lead business development in Southern Africa. The democratically elected Westminster-style government has been stable since the recognition of the country`s independence. The legal basis comes from French civil law and English common law. Thus, the establishment of a company on the territory is not only profitable, but also a reliable investment. Before registering a company in Mauritius, Tetra consultants understand your company`s needs and activities before recommending the most suitable company for your business. There are several forms of onshore companies in the country – limited liability company, free trade zone, representative office and more.

Some business units were created for specific purposes – holding companies, accounting agencies and more. You will settle all the formalities as soon as possible with the specialists of Law & Trust International. For detailed advice and assistance with the registration of a company in Mauritius, you can contact the lawyers of Law&Trust International. As it is a resident company, the Mauritian branch is subject to a corporate tax rate of 15%. The advantages of its incorporation in Mauritius are as follows: High level of data protection (through the use of appointed directors and shareholders). The creation of a Mauritian company allows 100% foreign participation, which means that no local candidate is required. Only one director and one shareholder required. A company incorporated in Mauritius can be 100% owned by foreigners without minimum capital. However, a person who wants to set up a business as a self-employed person only has to register his business activity. Mauritius is a popular jurisdiction for foreign investors due to several tax advantages and openness to financial services companies. In Mauritius, your non-resident company may be exempt from corporate tax, capital gains tax and withholding tax. In addition, international clients can set up funds, securities dealers, fund management companies, payment service providers or insurance brokers.

Registering a company in Mauritius provides a high degree of confidentiality to beneficial owners, as business registers cannot be consulted publicly. In addition, the political and economic environment of the country is equally important. We did a Pestel analysis to understand the same thing. This ensures that you can run your business safely and legally while achieving your business goals. Here`s a look at what you might miss out on your competitors if you don`t start a business in Mauritius now: The most attractive are 2 types of registered companies: GBC I and AC. In addition, the country has introduced the Young Professionals Occupation Permit for international students who wish to work and gain experience in Mauritius. Step 3: Payment – Companies operating in Mauritius must pay an annual registration fee to the CBRD or through their online platform with a credit card. More information on the online application process can be found in the guidelines for paying the annual application fee. Step 4: If the application for incorporation complies with the law and the prescribed fee is paid, the Registrar issues an electronic certificate of incorporation and a Commercial Register Card (BRC).