This business model is very simple because you just have to get people from one place to another and pay a lot. One interesting thing about this company is that you only work when you feel like it. Maybe you don`t have the capital to start with, you can work with car dealerships already established in Nigeria until you`ve been able to build a customer base and raise capital to be self-sufficient. The starting capital may vary because it depends on you. It can be as little as 20,000 to 200,000 naira. Okrika bale shop is one of the cheapest companies in Nigeria. The services they provide are indispensable. If you like to take care of children, then opening a daycare is a good decision. If you are looking for the best deals in Nigeria, you should work as a freelancer as you have the opportunity to earn foreign currency and work with international clients. Are you a good driver or do you want a side business that generates daily income where you only have to start with 500K? Then you become an Uber driver. That being said, you can choose from these top 14 lucrative business ideas that you can start in Nigeria with N500,000 or less than N1 million. It is a great commercial interest. And by the way, I`m currently on a series like you can do with Uber and Bolt.

So make sure you don`t miss any episodes. A cake and cupcake bakery is one of the best business ideas for women or women in Nigeria where you produce to make money. You can do it. Please, sir, take an interest in the snail trade. I live in Abuja But the truth is, you probably didn`t know that investing in Nigeria is such a profitable business. 500,000 naira is a very good capital for a start-up, as there are many interesting business ideas for such capital. However, it can take days or even weeks to determine the most sought after and cost-effective. This activity involves the sale of products such as television, fans, DVDs, speakers, microphones, etc. It is common among Igbo entrepreneurs and very profitable. Owning a supermarket is an extremely profitable business in Nigeria. Maybe you don`t need to know how to prepare all the dishes, you can hire a chef to take care of it while you focus on other business processes. To start this business, you need to make sure that you have knowledge about motorcycles.

Then get yourself a store, find a spare parts wholesaler, and negotiate and buy all the motorcycle spare parts you can imagine. To start this business, you just need a little knowledge about printing, then get a store and buy various printing machines, then you`re good to go. This offer guarantees you no less than 20,000 per day as a profit if you are the driver, and a maximum of 50,000 per week if you give the car to someone on hire. It is one of the oldest and most dynamic small businesses in Nigeria that is still profitable. Starting a print media business where you can mass produce works such as newsletters, magazines, banners and flyers is one of the hottest business ideas in Nigeria. You can start a football spectator center by getting a department store/lobby in a very professional neighborhood, filling it with benches, getting a few big screen TVs, generator and cable (DSTV), and then start watching football for money and fun. You can start on a very small budget by cooking and decorating your cakes from the comfort of your kitchen. There are many companies you can start with with 10k or less. As pointed out above, the list of hot new business ideas will be a guide to starting your business in Nigeria. This allows you to buy and store palm oil when the price is low and resell it profitably when the price rises. Okrika is one of the low-cost, high-profit business ideas. It will always be bought because of this state of the economy.

Therefore, it is a lucrative business to start in Nigeria today. In this technological age, every Nigerian needs to own a phone for many purposes. From internet access, taking and receiving phone calls, to entertainment, etc., the demand for a mobile phone is constantly increasing as mobile phone manufacturers often release new and better versions of phones. We all know that farming is very lucrative, but above all growing maize is more profitable, because there is a high demand for maize both locally in the markets and from large companies. Therefore, egg delivery and distribution is a very profitable business idea to make money in Nigeria. You need a store to start this business. For it to thrive, your business must be located in or near a market, parking garage, or student neighborhood. To start a peanut growing business with N500,000, you need about 7 acres of land, plough it and plant your crop. With proper management, your peanut should be ready for harvest and sale after 3 months. Logistics business in Nigeria: cost, profit and how to be the best Since vegetables are one of the most used foods in the country, it is very easy to get sales once your agricultural products are ready to sell. You can launch them and get sales quickly or connect with restaurants and fast food outlets. A small store is a must for this business, then fill the store with plastic products that you can get at wholesale price from distributors in the larger markets in your area.

Then sell the retail prices for profit. Starting a blog requires much less than 500K, so 500,000 Naira allows you to start multiple blogs and share information to earn more. You can rent land preferably in an area with many construction sites. The need for a car wash will always increase and anyone, regardless of age and experience, can venture into this venture in Nigeria. Another strategy in this sector is to buy palm oil in bulk in the south of the country and then bring it to the northern part of the country to sell. Social media is the best place to start marketing your products, as there are more people looking for well-packaged dried fish, other than those standing on the side of the road. This business is like selling phone accessories, in fact, you can combine the two if your budget can cover the costs. But first, I have to ask you which company you know well. Do you list all the companies you know or are interested in? This business is very lucrative because you can charge high prices of N1000 and above per cloth washed and ironed. In places like Lekki in Lagos, chemical cleaners charge up to N3000 per cloth.

For someone who has a business but needed to move on to something bigfet or something else, it took a while to be proficient in the new idea before investing in it. Most of the time, it will cost you money to acquire these skills, you need to know that.